Addicted to Flavored Creamers?


For years we have loved trying the many new coffee creamer flavors on the market. I remember hearing that those companies were making a Thin Mint flavor. I went to the grocery store more than usual looking for it, I asked the stock boy every time I went. I was hooked on this artificially flavored and sugar laden creamer that most of us use to start our days with. Our bodies are asleep, we wake up and immediately start drinking sugar…not such a good thing. I would buy coffee creamer 6 bottles at … [Continue]

Dill Angeled Eggs – Egglicious Recipes

Egglicious Recipes

  This post is part of Egglicious Recipes, where I put to good use fresh eggs from my chickens.  This series will include tried and true recipes that call for more than two eggs.  Deviled eggs, where does that name come from?  I am not sure and would rather not research it so I am changing the name to Angeled Eggs just as a fellow blogger Laura has done.  What did the eggs do for us to call them devils? Dill Angeled Eggs ½ cup mayonnaise 1 tbsp. dried diced … [Continue]

Community & GIVEAWAY

Giving Thanks Giveaway

  Community is such a great thing to be in; we are called to be in community with our brothers and sisters in Christ, to live life together and we shall make Christ … [Continue]

Coming Soon…

Monday, February 3rd will be our first post and giveaway. Subscribe now to get it sent straight to your inbox. … [Continue]